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So you've passed your test?  Great!  The world is now at your feet; however there are many aspects of driving that the driving test does not cover.  The Pass Plus course gives you new skills and more confidence behind the wheel.  You walk away with a Pass Plus certificate, but without the scary test at the end of it all.

What new skills will I learn on pass plus?

What are the advantages of Pass Plus?

What other driving courses do you offer?

At Glen Howlett Driving School, we offer a range of courses to suit every need.  As well as standard driving lessons and the Pass Plus course, we offer advanced driving and a taxi training course.

There are driving skills you may not have covered in your standard lessons, such as driving on the motorway, driving at night, driving in bad weather, and driving on different types of roads such as rural areas and in cities/towns.

Not only will the Pass Plus course make you a more skilful, confident driver, it can lower your car insurance costs.  By taking the course insurance companies recognise that you will most likely be a safer driver and therefore offer you cheaper insurance. It's a win win.

A Pass Plus course could lower your insurance costs

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