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Taking an advanced driving course and becoming an advanced driver is a step to being a safer driver and having a much improved awareness of what is going on around you.  An added bonus is that studies show that advanced drivers could make big savings in consumption of fuel due to better driving.

What is advanced driving?

What does the tuition include?

Other driving courses

At Glen Howlett Driving School we can provide you with a range of driving courses to suit your needs including the Pass Plus course to lower insurance costs, and taxi training for a new pathway in professional driving.

Advanced driving courses aim to give you a chance to assess your weaknesses with your driving and improve on them, learn new skills, and obtain a greater sense of what is going on in your car and the traffic around you.

All tuition is tailored to your requirements, and to your strengths and weaknesses.  In general, tuition includes advanced motorway driving, and improved awareness of space, speed, and hazards and risks.  The course focuses on fine tuning your attention to detail.

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